Retro 51 Tornado Rollerball Vintage Metalsmith Chaplin

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"Life is too short to carry an ugly pen" is the motto of Retro 51. This company started in 1990 and little did they know the impact they would have in the world of pens. Retro pens are fun and unique- blending the fashionable colours, graphics and designs of today with the vintage quality ideals and craftsmanship of the past. Their pens have a nostalgic retro feel and are fabulous for pen collectors and they make fantastic gifts for all occasions!

The Retro 51 Chaplin was inspired by Silent film era filmmaker and comedian Sir Charles Spencer Chaplin Jr.  An important figure in the history of filmmaking, this black and white design reminds us of his early contributions. The white body and black accents give off a blue luminescence in the dark.

  • Satin matte white body finish with black lacquer accents
  • Trademarked knurl twist-top
  • Capless Rollerball refill
  • 5" (125mm) in length
  • Graphic tube packaging that doubles as a pen stand
  • VRR2127

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