Blackwing Volume 6 Pencils

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This iconic brand of pencils has been sought after the 1930's. Discontinued in 1998 and brought back in 2007, these pencils with the unique rectangular eraser have made the most fantastic revival! Manufactured from genuine incense-cedar and Japanese graphite these pencils are synonymous with quality. Every pencil has exceptional sharpening performance and the look and feel of a top quality product. Blackwing is the pencil of choice for a growing culture of artists, musicians and everyday folks looking to unplug and live mindfully.

The Blackwing Volume 6 celebrates independent businesses. It is inspired by the iconic neon "Open" sign and the six noble gases which give these lights their specific hue.

  • Soft graphite 
  • 6 Neon Red and 6 Neon Blue pencils
  • Red and Blue erasers
  • 12-pack gift box

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