Diplomat Excellence A2 Fountain Pen Magma Red Gift Set (Limited Edition)

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Diplomat writing instruments have true style. Traditional in craftsmanship and design these pens have been manufactured since 1922 in Germany using the finest materials. The pens are all handmade and steeped in the tradition of penmanship and handwriting and are durable full metal pens with a unique and timeless finish. No other can deliver better than a Diplomat.

The Excellence A2 is Diplomat's superior and classic flagship pen. Manufactured under extremely high standards and featuring a full metal barrel and cap these steel nib fountain pens are excellent value. The silhouette is larger and more traditional than other brands and the pen is weighted evenly with or without the cap being posted. The classic design appeals to writers and collectors and the pens flow wonderfully smooth when writing.

To celebrate 100 years in the pen industry, Diplomat has released two stunning shades available in a gift set. Available for a limited time, but will last a lifetime. Gift set includes:

  • Magma Red Diplomat Excellence Fountain Pen
  • Diplomat Royal Blue Ink 30ml
  • Genuine Black leather single pen pouch
  • Presented in a Diplomat gift box
  • Limited Edition
  • Discontinued

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