J. Herbin Ink Bottle Shogun 50ml

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Kenzo Takada had a goal to create an ink for the K3 brand and succeeded in doing so with Jacques Herbin during 2020. An ink developed in France, with pigments from Japan representing his career in Paris and Japanese heritage. Shogun is a homage to an incredible creator who left his impression on the world after leaving it in 2020.

Described as "a twilight-coloured ink, reminiscent of a beautiful night of stars, and coated with fine red and gold glitter." The resulting hue is reminiscent of certain armours from the Shogun era which Kenzo Takada held a fine appreciation.

  • 50 ml shimmer particle ink
  • Non toxic, pH neutral, water based
  • Made in France
  • Shogun by Kenzo Takada and K3 (Artist Series)
  • H13209


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