Midori MD Notebook Light A6 Blank (3-Pack)

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Midori MD paper products are high-quality and Japanese-made. Since their beginnings in the 1960's the appeal of this paper is that it enhances the writing experience and refines the writing feel of putting pen to paper. MD paper is manufactured to perfection and is designed for comfortable writing especially with fountain pens and ink. It has a soft texture, appealing colour and weight and is resistant to bleeding and smearing. 

The Midori Light 3 packs feature your favourite MD paper in a slim staple bound version. Archiving labels come with each set allowing you to curate a 3 piece volume or just keep track of each books purpose. Numbered 1-12, you can also keep track of date related items. Clear covers can fit two light notebooks at a time.

  • Cream coloured paper
  • Label stickers included
  • 48 pages per book, set of 3
  • A6 Blank (148mm x 105mm)

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