Montblanc Donation Pen Homage Frédéric Chopin Ballpoint (Special Edition)

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The Montblanc Donation Pen Homage Frédéric Chopin pays tribute to Frédéric Chopin, a Polish composer and virtuoso pianist. As an homage to his admiration for the piano, the platinum-coated clip is shaped like a piano hammer. Known for his famous "La Note Bleue", the ink window of this Special Edition comes in a blue color. The cap ring features the musical notes of Chopin's first nocture, "Nocturne in B-flat minor, Op. 9, No. 1", which was published in 1832. The cap and barrel are made out of black precious resin combined with platinum-coated fittings. The special gift box also contains a little note pad decorated with some musical notes from his famous nocturne.

  • Ident No. MB127642
  • Ballpoint Pen
  • Special Edition
  • Mont blanc