Parker Jotter Ballpoint Waterloo Blue

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Parker pens have been in our hands for over 130 years! It is a trusted brand that has a century-old tradition of handcrafting a large range of beautiful writing instruments that have been made with continual refinement and innovation over the years. Known for their trademark "arrow clip", Parker is recognized and respected globally. They have unique ageless styles and finishes that embrace the fine art of pen manufacturing that suits every style and makes handwriting a joy. 

The Parker Jotter adds a retro look to your everyday writing. The Jotter is true to its origin, instantly noticed and recognized as an authentic, old-school ballpoint that has been around for over 50 years! It's streamlined and practical and the Jotter line comes in a variety of finished to keep things fun, expressive or professional. This ballpoint is iconic.

  • All metal barrel
  • Retractable with push button
  • Includes Quick medium blue ballpoint refill in pen
  • Made in France
  • Waterloo Blue
  • 1953191

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