Platinum #3776 Century Fountain Pen Chartres Blue with Gold Trim

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Platinum has been a favourite Japanese pen manufacturer since 1919. It's the perfect brand for anyone looking to experience the world of premium Japanese writing instruments. These pens are ideal in size and weight and have traditional minimal design. Platinum's standards are high for even their most inexpensive models and feature unique nib designs and limited editions. The nibs run finer in most Japanese brands and if you typically like a fine nib on a German or English pen, you'll want to try a medium nib on your Platinum pen.

First introduced in 1978, the #3776 Century is named in honour of Mount Fuji, Japan's highest peak. Platinum's innovative cap design and "slip and seal mechanism" prevents ink from drying out in the pen with airtightness in the cap. Those who only use the pen once in a while will always have fresh ink. It is a true classic and combines the traditional "cigar" fountain pen silhouette with a selection of exquisite 14k nibs and sophisticated colours and finishes of glossy resin and shiny trim.

  • 14k gold nib
  • Body and cap made from resin
  • Screw on cap which can be posted
  • Includes one blue black ink cartridge
  • Made in Japan
  • PNB15000A.51

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