Platinum Curidas Fountain Pen Graphite Smoke

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Platinum has been a favourite Japanese pen manufacturer since 1919. It's the perfect brand for anyone looking to experience the world of premium Japanese writing instruments. These pens are ideal in size and weight and have traditional minimal design. Platinum's standards are high for even their most inexpensive models and feature unique nib designs and limited editions. The nibs run finer in most Japanese brands and if you typically like a fine nib on a German or English pen, you'll want to try a medium nib on your Platinum pen.

The Platinum Curidas makes using your fountain pen easy with just a single click. The push button advances or retracts the nib just like an ordinary ballpoint pen. This retractable fountain pen has a stainless steel nib which is well sealed in the internal pen chamber when retracted. The clear barrel is modern and clean and allows you to view the inner workings of the pen. 

  • Retractable stainless steel nib
  • Push button for advance or retract of nib
  • Smoke coloured resin barrel
  • Metal clip that can be detached
  • Includes one blue black ink cartridge 
  • Made in Japan

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