Rotring 800+ Mechanical Pencil 0.5mm Black

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The name "Rotring" directly translates to "red ring" and this ring is still placed around the barrel today. Founded in 1928, the company was well known for the original "Rapidograph", but most popular today is their iconic mechanical pencil collection. A long time favourite for pencil lovers, artists, graduates and the draft and tech industry these pencils have been designed for a lifetime of use!

The Rotring 800+ has a unique "twist and click" retractable mechanism that covers the entire sleeve and lead. It's a smart, quick action that hides the point which keeps it safe in your bag or pocket. The added gold details are minimal and add just a touch of lux. This stylus hybrid features a soft tip stylus when pencil is retracted.

  • Twist and click retractable mechanism
  • Push button to advance or retract lead
  • Internal brass mechanism for lead advancement
  • Replaceable eraser
  • 0.5mm lead size
  • Black finish with soft tip stylus 

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