Sheaffer Icon Fountain Pen Metallic Green

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The story of Sheaffer began over 100 years ago with a big idea from a visionary thinker. Walter Sheaffer, a skilled jeweller by trade, had an eye for detail and a mind for invention. In the small back room of his father's Iowa jewellery store, Sheaffer developed and patented a revolutionary fountain pen that improved the writing experience for pen users everywhere. The legendary White Dot designed into every Sheaffer pen is an enduring symbol of quality, prestige and performance.

With its bold Art Deco silhouette and a comfortably balanced weight, the Sheaffer Icon fountain pen delivers insightful design details and exceptional functionality for a writing experience second to none.

  • Polished black PVD trim
  • Wraparound clip with colour inlay
  • Includes one black and one blue classic ink cartridge
  • Metallic green lacquer finish 



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