Pretty Piston Fillers We Love- Nahvalur (Previously Narwhal)

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Nearly a year ago here at Reid's, Narwhal pens swam over to our shelves. These sturdy piston fillers grabbed the attention of fountain pen collectors right away, and kept it with the stunning Nautilus design. You may recognize this as the name of Captain Nemo's submarine from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea by Jules Verne. A submarine like body with port holes to peek at your ink; this was the aquatic answer to my beloved zepplin shaped Aero. You may have one of these beauties in your collection already, or you may have heard the praises. As of August 3, 2022 the California based company has elected to rebrand themselves to "Nahvalur". 

Nahvalur? Yes, the origin of the narwhal species is the Icelandic region. Nahvalur is the Icelandic name for the narwhal. The nibs have always proudly displayed the animal. A charming detail. Nahvalur has referred to these animals as "the unicorns of the sea", casting a whimsical light on their design choice. The change is an intentional effort to create conversation about these animals, and how to support them in nature. I thought it would be a good time to highlight what we are enjoying about their designs so far.

Nahvalur present a wider line width than some other piston filler brands out there. Wet writers, and reportedly better with dry inks, the Nahvalur pen is a good option to have around. A few of our customers have reported their success with Kyo-No-Oto inks and shimmers. The semi-transparent bodies are an interesting change from the many clear acrylic designs out on the market. Starting at $65.00 and ranging to $250.00 this brand does offer many exciting colour options typically seen with more expensive, or hard to acquire brands for Canadians. 

Maybe you have been a TWSBI person up until now. There are enough differences between the two that I feel they serve different purposes in a collection. Nahvalur leans more towards creative writing and art style lettering in my opinion. The bodies are solidly built, making them a heftier option than a TWSBI, for example.

I can't recommend the Original Poseidon Blue enough. It's a gorgeous shade that looks awesome beside the Yellow Tang. The New Orleans Voyager is shimmery and regal, while the newest Nautilus Grand Rhapsody gives off dreamy sky tones with its pastel swirls. 

Come by the store to take a closer look or browse the collection on our website!

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  • These pens do not disappoint! So many options, varying nibs and wonderful colouring and striations. This young company is making their mark in the pen world!

    Bonnie Swan on

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