The Best Luxury Fountain Pens You Can Take Out Of The House

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Diplomat has been impressing me with their designs and craftsmanship ever since I spotted them here at Reid*s. What's keeping them at the top of my list? Durable luxury.

Since 1922 Diplomat has been manufacturing these amazing writing instruments, but they hadn't become popular in North America before they released the zepplinesque Aero. A pen that looks like an airship? That I need. After all, my favourite book growing up was Airborne by Kenneth Oppel. Having had the opportunity to use mine for over a year, I am glad I purchased it.

Metal is the material of choice for Diplomat's pens. They are truly intended to last a lifetime, but for actual people who use them daily. Impact resistance is a chief concern for many newer luxury pen buyers. Dropping things is a part of life. While I strongly advise people to be careful with uncapped fountain pens, capped pens still take a lot of hits. Diplomat pens come in for repair so infrequently that their five year warranty strikes me as humorous. I use a sleeker Esteem at home for daily journaling and my Aero comes to work all week. The caps click beautifully every time, and the feeds are a stand out for a cartridge converter style fountain pen. It performs with the same reliability I get from Platinum's pens and piston fillers. When I get skipping, I know I've run out of ink.

They seem to have a size for everyone. If you prefer slimmer lightweight pens (think Cross or Neoslims) the Traveler is a great design. The Esteem is what I see as the Goldilocks pen, midsize and just the right weight. Most people could be happy with this model (and it's price).  The Excellence is a larger heavy pen with a classic aesthetic and smart hinge clip. A new yellow model just came out that I adore. The Aero in all black is the ultimate goth chic pen in my opinion , which is why I chose it.

International cartridge compatible fountain pens, standard rollerball refills (lots of choice) and ballpoints come with an easyflow refill, but take Parker style as well. You'll never be in a spot where you can't get a refill.

Check them out on our website, or come by the store and get a better feel in person. You might just find your new durable daily writer.

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