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Do you know about this gem of a mechanical pencil? The Pentel Kerry is a classy design, but the best aspect is the ability to cap it.

The Kerry pencil has been around since 1971, but I had never seen one until almost fifty years after they were on the market. Shortly after I began working at Reid's I needed a pencil for my pocket. I hated getting stabbed. I didn't want to sharpen it. I was introduced to the Kerry, and it's cap. For $35.00 I had myself what had become a favourite tool of pencil users for decades.

Maybe you have one you love. Perhaps you think you need your first. The fiftieth anniversary model is worth checking out. It's rich brown and rosey accent metals remind me of a coffee house. The engraved clip is a nice reminder of its history. It comes in a cherry red wood box, elevating the presentation. Grads and Dads are coming up! These make memorable gifts in the writing world.

The Kerry pencil has become a mainstay in my everyday carry tools. It's strong, has an eraser and will still work if you lose it's cap!

0.7mm is available in blue or black, while 0.5mm lets you choose from pink, red, blue, black and the gorgeous brown anniversary edition. Swing by the store to check it out in person or visit our website for more photos and info.

Alexandra @ Reid*s


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